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Specialists in Kaizen philosophy.
And in lean management methods.

We help companies and their staff manage their day-to-day activities. In the spirit of the Japanese Kaizen philosophy, we encourage people to change for the better: Scrutinising processes and understanding how they work. Identifying and reducing waste. Conveying knowledge and effective methods in a motivational way, within a familiar environment. It’s that easy. And it’s that inspiring – that’s Go Gemba. We sow the seed from which a culture of improvement at your company flourishes in the long term.

Training and workshops

We share targeted methods and tools within short, compact models or one-day training sessions, but we also hold multi-day workshops. Whether it's in person or online, our training is always effective. It includes a follow-up session a short while later, in which we assess the development of staff, processes and the organisation.



  • Kaizen - first steps

  • Kaizen paths

  • Idea management

    Shopfloor management



  • Process Analysis and Design

  • Roadmap for becoming a Kaizen Organisation

  • 6S-Method

More than just coaches.

Inspiringly different. And successful.

Kaizen philosophy is our passion: we live and breathe it. But we also convey it in a fun, enjoyable way in our lively, motivational training sessions, workshops and lectures. We see ourselves as an inspiration to others.

Anikó Belal

«If you want to put something into practice, you need to understand it.» Japanese saying

If you want to change things and improve them, you need to take a good look at them and understand them. Employees understand how things work better than anyone else: they’re the experts. Employee involvement is a key success element of Kaizen philosophy and lean management.


Thomas Iff

«If you want to do big things, start with the little things.» Japanese saying

Curiosity motivates us, both personally and professionally. Wanting to know how things are going, not standing still, always looking for a new challenge – this attitude is a prerequisite for continuous development and improvement. Today, lots of companies need courage: the courage not only to make changes when there are problems but also to improve things that are already going well, to scrutinise them and take a hands-on approach to understanding them.


What sets us apart.
Six things.

We sow the seed of continuous improvement at your company in lean, coordinated steps by working in a highly practical way, using our experience and outsider's perspective. Change begins in the mind. We help change become tangible.

We disseminate condensed knowledge within a familiar environment at your organisation, with no need for your employees to travel anywhere.

We design inspiring training sessions and workshops that are focused on the target group at hand.

We combine theory and practice so your employees can hit the ground running with what they’ve learned.

We offer a free follow-up briefing
to monitor success.

We live and breathe Kaizen philosophy and lean management, and have been deeply involved with these theories for decades.

As part of the core team, we led a major company to receive the ESPRIX and Global Excellence Silver Award.


We would love to hear from you. We’d be more than happy to sketch out the initial steps for you. Your first, no-obligation consultation with us is free of charge. What are you waiting for? Let’s Go Gemba!

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